What we do

We (re)package knowledge and content. We make taking in this knowledge and content fun, accessible, practically applicable and measurable. We do this because we sincerely believe that insight helps people make wiser choices. Knowledge as a passport to a better future.

We specialize in offering knowledge and content differently, solving existing challenges within companies and society. We give our solutions form and substance with (content) specialists and by using our platform Brieep. Brieep motivates its participants intrinsically to take action. To do this, we use mechanisms from behavioral science and the game industry.

Each program has 4 phases. We start by raising awareness on a subject, subsequently we let participants apply what they've learned within their own environment/organization and we test wether the penny has dropped. We measure the progress, provide insight into the result and certify at the end of the journey. We repeat this certification annually. We use the insights and results to continuously develop the program, so that it stays in tune with current events and because developing yourself never stops.

In short: we (re)package knowledge and content, we secure what people have learned, we measure progress and we certify at the end of the journey.

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Our development calendar

In 2023 and 2024 we also work on the following topics


This program is designed to help organizations not see diversity and inclusion as an obstacle, but to employ the multiplicity program with the goal of achieving higher business efficiency. This transformation is fun to go through because it is free of blame, you get plenty of insights about yourself and about the other and about why they move the way they move. The result translates to a higher business return.

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Dealing sustainably with yourself and your environment. How would it be if practical knowledge and actions allowed you to make better choices regarding energy and do the right things for the environment, your physical and mental health and your nutrition?

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