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Brieep is an accessible (digital) platform that uses gamification techniques to get people moving and encourage development and behavioral change. 

Brieep is designed, built and operated exclusively by Lenard and Lenard. Brieep collects business and personal data that is used to measure, compare and ultimately generate desired results.

By completing missions, participants make their own choices in their development path. The missions are designed in such a way that behavioral change is effectively facilitated. The participants themselves are rewarded for their efforts. They can then use these accumulated experience points for training, education and/or other incentives that contribute to the desired change or development.

How do you make the self-development of your employees profitable, revenue enhancing, relevant, affordable, sustainable, measurable and fun? How do you get your people moving? How do you make knowledge and facts accessible to everyone? How do you create behavioral change to achieve the desired personal and business results? With Brieep. Pleased to meet you.



Over six years ago, an ambitious project was launched from the thinking lab of Lenard and Lenard to answer the following concrete questions: how do we make self-development fun, relevant, affordable and measurable? How do we get people moving in a positive way? How do we make knowledge and facts accessible to as many people as possible worldwide? The project was the answer to the questions and was the start of Brieep.

The technology used for the platform comes from the world of (online) games. And for good reason. Most people don't find learning 'fun' and gaming is. Brieep was developed with this in mind. Brieep makes learning and getting into motion (more) fun. 


The Brieep platform provides data. For example, data on which missions were completed, how they were completed and how long they took. We use this data to adjust missions and develop new missions. In short, to adjust the platform so that the set goals can be achieved.

Of course, the technology does not stand alone. In everything we do and develop, people are central to us. People play a key role. We call this human business intelligence. It is the people we want to set in motion in order to achieve (y)our goals.


The basis of Brieep is data collection. But what do we do with the acquired data? Brieep converts the data into knowledge. And the knowledge obtained is of great value. At least if you convert it into the right wisdom. And that is where the expertise of Lenard and Lenard comes in. 

Because technology may stand for everything, as far as we are concerned it stands for almost everything. After all, you need us [link] too. Why? Because we give just that little extra. Because we can read and explain the numbers like no other. Because with our presence we bring that little bit of fun that is needed to really enjoy yourself and get results. 


Lenard and Lenard provides customized reports. You will be granted access to a dashboard that allows you to make various analyses of the collected data. These analyses ensure that better choices can be made, choices that enable you to achieve the set goals faster and more efficiently.

With the results from Brieep and our appearance, people do things that they fundamentally do not want to do at all. And yet they do it. Motivated. Because we make it fun. Really fun. 

Lenard and Lenard


PS.  Brieep has been carefully tested and subjected to the critical eyes of various IT Security Officers. The personal information shared in the app is treated confidentially and carefully in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the General Data Protection Implementation Act (UAVG). For more information, please see our disclaimer.

Brieep use cases

Cyber Security and Money Laundering

How do you ensure that you make employees aware of their online behavior? How do you make sure they take the right actions to protect themselves, the organization and all data?

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Achieving organizational goals in a fun way together? Where everyone has insight into where you stand, what still needs to be done and what has already been achieved?

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Customer Journey

Increase your impact on the customer. Offer your customer (even) more added value. Expand the customer journey and make it happen.

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Repeat the same behavior, but expect different outcomes? That's a utopia. Brieep moves employees positively and intrinsically motivated to get them to do different things or things differently than before.

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Let people learn and develop themselves in a fun, positive and digestible way based on the intrinsic motivation of the person themselves. Brieep makes progress transparent and results measurable.

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Getting a diverse group of people together to collectively come up with ideas that result in solving a challenge.

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Heb je al een inlog-code?

Wanneer je al een inlog-code hebt, kun je Brieep downloaden in de App Store of Google Play Store.


Brieep heeft de ambitie om kennis en inhoud op zo’n manier toegankelijk te maken dat mensen met plezier leren en zich ontwikkelen. Wanneer mensen beschikken over meer kennis, feiten en inhoud kunnen zij betere keuzes voor zichzelf maken en daarmee ook voor de maatschappij. Mensen gaan op eigen initiatief beter voor zichzelf en voor elkaar zorgen en dragen zo bij aan een gezondere maatschappij en wereld.


Wij geloven dat verspreiding van kennis en inhoud zorgt voor een betere, gezondere wereld. Wij geven mensen inzicht in en toegang tot feiten zodat zij de zin van de onzin kunnen scheiden. Ratio, samen met empathie vormen dan de basis van keuzes. Zo stellen wij mensen in staat duurzamer om te gaan met zichzelf, de maatschappij en de planeet.


Voor elk traject maken wij een business case. Pas als blijkt dat de business case genoeg oplevert, zullen wij een klant voorstellen de business case te realiseren. Is de business case goedgekeurd, dan worden de specifieke functionaliteiten geüpload in de speciaal ingerichte omgeving. Hierbij maken we gebruik van onze eerdere ervaringen en de al eerder ontwikkelde functionaliteiten. Samen richten we de missies in, die erop gericht zijn de vastgestelde doelen te bereiken.

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Get your employees and your organization moving. To get the results you want. In a fun way. Measurably.


Maximum results, maximum profit, more customers and higher efficiency levels. Your team gets the most out of itself. Lenard and Lenard sets you in motion. In the right direction. We ensure that your people grow with your organization.

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Hard data

At Lenard and Lenard, we believe that people's development is measurable. Not only do we believe this, we (are certain of it). And yes, to measure is to know. We give you the right insight for the next step. 

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Most people learn more easily when it is offered in a playful way. For example, with the use of gaming methodologies. That is why Lenard and Lenard uses the newest and smartest (online) techniques. We make it fun.

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We don't really fit with any label that people put on us, we are simply ourselves. We put people in motion and make them do things. Motivated as such. And in the desired direction. For this we use all our knowledge, skills, experience and extensive network.

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