Getting a diverse group of people together to collectively come up with ideas that result in solving a challenge. Brieep's intervision application facilitates the entire intervision process. From idea to follow-up and roll-out of the conceived activities. In addition, the platform links the development of certain necessary skills specifically to each participant.

How do we apply this?

In healthcare and organizations where people want to answer a work question or challenge together in a structured way, the Brieep platform supports by facilitating the intervision group(s). Based on the various missions in Brieep, a group goes through the intervision steps. At the end, all ideas, agreements and corresponding actions are recorded. And the next intervision meeting is planned. 

The follow-up of the agreements made is also monitored and secured. Moreover, a participant can individually develop a skill that can be applied within the intervision process. Think for example of giving feedback, clearly formulating a point of view and convincing.

Brieep use cases

Cyber Security and Money Laundering

How do you ensure that you make employees aware of their online behavior? How do you make sure they take the right actions to protect themselves, the organization and all data?

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Achieving organizational goals in a fun way together? Where everyone has insight into where you stand, what still needs to be done and what has already been achieved?

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Customer Journey

Increase your impact on the customer. Offer your customer (even) more added value. Expand the customer journey and make it happen.

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Repeat the same behavior, but expect different outcomes? That's a utopia. Brieep moves employees positively and intrinsically motivated to get them to do different things or things differently than before.

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Let people learn and develop themselves in a fun, positive and digestible way based on the intrinsic motivation of the person themselves. Brieep makes progress transparent and results measurable.

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Getting a diverse group of people together to collectively come up with ideas that result in solving a challenge.

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Hard data

At Lenard and Lenard, we believe that people's development is measurable. Not only do we believe this, we (are certain of it). And yes, to measure is to know. We give you the right insight for the next step. 

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Most people learn more easily when it is offered in a playful way. For example, with the use of gaming methodologies. That is why Lenard and Lenard uses the newest and smartest (online) techniques. We make it fun.

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We don't really fit with any label that people put on us, we are simply ourselves. We put people in motion and make them do things. Motivated as such. And in the desired direction. For this we use all our knowledge, skills, experience and extensive network.

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