Urban Cows

How do you interest young people? How do you stimulate them to make a positive contribution to society? How do you not only make social issues up for discussion but also offer young people opportunities to contribute? How can we make a positive contribution to the self-confidence and awareness of young people? With Urban Cows.


Youth not only is, but also has the future. They play a crucial role in our society and economy. With this in mind, Urban Cows was developed. 

Urban Cows is a cool ice cream brand made with real milk and available in cool flavors. However, Urban Cows' cool cows also speak the language of the target audience. In addition to making insanely good ice cream, they also tell stories. And those stories inspire and stimulate. They deal with themes that young people have to deal with, such as (cyber) bullying, their digital footprint, drugs, alcohol, belonging/fitting in, finances and also mental and physical health.

Urban Cows is more than ice cream. Urban Cows is also a (digital) platform that sets young people in motion and ensures that they develop themselves. In a fun way, using various (gaming) techniques, they learn more about the themes of life. And the learning and development sets them in motion. They take steps and make a positive contribution to their own growth, their environment and the society.

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Get your employees and your organization moving. To get the results you want. In a fun way. Measurably.


Maximum results, maximum profit, more customers and higher efficiency levels. Your team gets the most out of itself. Lenard and Lenard sets you in motion. In the right direction. We ensure that your people grow with your organization.

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Hard data

At Lenard and Lenard, we believe that people's development is measurable. Not only do we believe this, we (are certain of it). And yes, to measure is to know. We give you the right insight for the next step. 

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Most people learn more easily when it is offered in a playful way. For example, with the use of gaming methodologies. That is why Lenard and Lenard uses the newest and smartest (online) techniques. We make it fun.

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We don't really fit with any label that people put on us, we are simply ourselves. We put people in motion and make them do things. Motivated as such. And in the desired direction. For this we use all our knowledge, skills, experience and extensive network.

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