Interviews with top entrepreneurs, politicians and people from entertainment and sport about the future of work.

Interviews with top entrepreneurs, politicians and people from entertainment and sport about the future of work.

Jörgen Raymann and Benito Doelwijt talk to top entrepreneurs, politicians and people from the entertainment and sports world about the future of work and workers. 

Jörgen Raymann and Benito Doelwijt spoke with Roger van Boxtel, CEO of the NS, in the Cuyperszaal, with a beautiful view of the station hall of Amsterdam Central Station.

What role does Roger van Boxtel think NS plays in the future of work? What does he think about leadership and what made him say the following: 'Yes, they should keep their damn hands off our people, have they gone completely mad'. And how well does he know himself?

The interview gives us a unique insight into the person Roger van Boxtel, sympathetic, driven, he breathes NS. The NS employees are clearly his passion. Take a quick look at the entire interview below.

Jörgen Raymann and Benito Doelwijt also spoke with Marjan van Loon during an informal cooking session at her house. They are one of the few people who had the honor to interview Jeroen Pauw. The also spoke with Guus Hiddink, Kim Putters and Dick Benschop.

(link naar: (Marjan van Loon)

Link naar: (Jeroen Pauw)

Link naar: (Guus Hiddink)

Link naar: (Kim Putters)

Link naar: (Dick Benschop

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