E-learning: a positive revolution

The history of e-learning started in the 1960s with mainframe computers for educational materials. From then on, an impressive journey followed. In the 1990s, the Internet brought online learning with static content, while powerful platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) enabled structured learning in the 2000s. Today, adaptive learning, personalization and gamification dominate as trends that make learning more engaging.

Getting smarter has never been more fun

Thanks to continuous technological advances, learning is becoming an engaging and personalized experience. With the use of interactive simulations, adaptive development paths and gamification, one can now offer most tough topics with the guarantee that it will actually stick.

BRIEEP guarantees impact

At BRIEEP, everything is about getting better and better at what we do for our clients. Driven by this ambition, we want to become the market leader in the field of complex issues with social impact. By combining solid upfront research with content, behavioral science and the latest technology. This results in measurable business results, but also in desired behavior that others can follow

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Our current programs

We work on carefully selected and complex social issues that have a demonstrable positive impact on the well-being of all stakeholders involved. Our goal is to make learning and development enjoyable and engaging, and to provide insight into the business return on what is learned.

Cyber security

Research shows that employees are often the weak link when it comes to cyber security. Being cyber-aware and skilled is crucial anno 2023. In collaboration with international cyber experts, the Cyber program was developed for both the small business owner and the multinational. The ultimate goal is to measurably prepare employees to recognize and effectively address cyber security risks in their own work environment. The program is available in Dutch and English.

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Resident Participation

This program was developed together with the Municipality of The Hague to increase the passion for participation among municipal employees. The program guides the participant through the steps of the resident participation protocol and takes the participant from analysis to plan to implementation.
The program is fun and compact and usable for both small and large municipalities and other institutions that want their employees to participate with stakeholders.

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Sustainable employability of international employees

Over the past three years, we have investigated abuse and opportunities surrounding the deployment of international employees. We conducted this research with experience experts, industry experts and people from (local and national) government. This has resulted in a future-proof solution that serves the welfare and interests of all parties.

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Diversity and inclusion: from insight to measurable results

Welcome to our program dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). In collaboration with Radboud University, we strive to broaden perspectives and promote positive interactions among diverse groups. Our research forms the basis for developing our D&I program that leads to measurable business outcomes, while our inspiration sessions provide insights and encourage personal leadership. Discover how we are building an inclusive future together.

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Discover our unique inspiration sessions

Discover our inspiration sessions on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), free from blame and victimization and focusing on the business and organizational benefits as well as the personal added value. Aimed at management teams, leadership teams and/or the entire organization, these sessions are a first step towards an inclusive work environment.

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Our believe

We believe that if people worldwide had access to practically applicable knowledge, the world would be a better place for all its inhabitants!

What we do

We make practically applicable knowledge and content attractive, accessible and measurable.

How we work

We always follow a set method. First we look at what has impact on the user's life and whether our solution has impact worldwide.

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