Cyber security

Cyber attacks and their impact are on the rise. In the Netherlands, 72% of companies have already been victims of cybercrime, the average cost per attack being €270,000. Cyber security is therefore vital in our ever-expanding digital world and testifies to taking responsibility, for these reasons:

1. Protection of Data: Personal information is often stored online. Poor security leads to data breaches and identity theft.
2. Business Continuity: Businesses rely on digital systems. An attack can disrupt and shut down operations. This can cause financial damage that is not budgeted for and damage reputations that can also put organizational continuity at risk.
3. National Security: Critical infrastructure such as energy, healthcare, and finance rely on ICT. An attack on it can threaten national security.
4. Economic Impact: Cyber attacks cause significant economic damage. This can range from direct costs related to the attack and its recovery to the loss of customer and supplier confidence in services.
5. Privacy and Trust: Cybersecurity protects privacy and strengthens trust in digital systems and online interactions.

Why IT infrastructure is a priority

IT infrastructure is the foundation of our digital world and a prime target for cybercriminals. By securing it, we minimize the impact of attacks and continue to reap the benefits of digitization.

Employees' cyber awareness is essential

Of course, any efforts by IT departments in this area are necessary. Research shows that employees are often the weak link when it comes to cyber security. In 74% of breaches, the human aspect counts*. On top of this, 66% more phising emails were sent out in 2022** with the aim of retrieving log-in data - one of the three most common ways hackers use to get in. However only 1% of cybersecurity budget goes to employee training. This while being cyber-aware and skilled is crucial anno 2023.

What makes a solution effective?

In collaboration with international cyber experts Erdal Ozkaya (CISO Xcitium, global cyber specialist and strategist) and Raymond Comvalius (IT specialist, author of several IT books, MP Microsoft, trainer and (inter-) national speaker) we looked at an effective solution for making employees cyber-aware and skilled. This yielded the following conditions. A solution provides people with engaging relevant content, realistic scenarios and interactive elements. In addition, regular positive encouragement of users ensures that everyone remains motivated to get better and better at recognizing and neutralizing cyber attacks. Employees are then not only aware of important procedures, guidelines and laws and regulations, but actually apply them. Thus, the ultimate goal of the solution is to measurably prepare employees to recognize and effectively address cyber security risks in their own work environment.

Create your own defenses

Increasing IT security collaboration and increasing employee cyber awareness and proficiency enables you to create a responsible corporate culture. In such a culture, cybersecurity is a priority, risks and consequences of cyber-attacks are minimized, you maintain control even in the event that things go wrong while at the same time continuing to take full advantage of the benefits of digital technology.

Would you like to know more?

Want to know even more about how we worked with international cyber experts to arrive at our solution? What research and insights led to our solution? Do you want to create an even better balance in your organization between technological aspects and human behavior? Or would you like to know which other elements influence the resilience and cyber security of your organization?

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Our current programs

We work on carefully selected and complex social issues that have a demonstrable positive impact on the well-being of all stakeholders involved. Our goal is to make learning and development enjoyable and engaging, and to provide insight into the business return on what is learned.

Cyber security

Research shows that employees are often the weak link when it comes to cyber security. Being cyber-aware and skilled is crucial anno 2023. In collaboration with international cyber experts, the Cyber program was developed for both the small business owner and the multinational. The ultimate goal is to measurably prepare employees to recognize and effectively address cyber security risks in their own work environment. The program is available in Dutch and English.

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Resident Participation

This program was developed together with the Municipality of The Hague to increase the passion for participation among municipal employees. The program guides the participant through the steps of the resident participation protocol and takes the participant from analysis to plan to implementation.
The program is fun and compact and usable for both small and large municipalities and other institutions that want their employees to participate with stakeholders.

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Sustainable employability of international employees

Over the past three years, we have investigated abuse and opportunities surrounding the deployment of international employees. We conducted this research with experience experts, industry experts and people from (local and national) government. This has resulted in a future-proof solution that serves the welfare and interests of all parties.

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