Diversity and inclusion: from insight to measurable results

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are increasingly recognized for their critical role in social justice, benefits to the economy and from ethical considerations. In 2020, companies worldwide spent as much as $7.5 billion on D&I initiatives. This amount is expected to more than double to $15.4 billion by 2026.

Despite these investments, research* shows that if we continue at the current pace, it will take another 151 years to fully close the economic gap at all levels. With dire consequences.

Acceptance of reality

Closing the economic gap is not the only challenge that lies within diversity and inclusion.
We all realize that something must change and that delaying it is no longer an option. But what should we do and what can we do? A diversity and/or ethnicity training? In practice, however, we find that these trainings often have little impact within organizations. This has not so much to do with a lack of good will, but more with the lack of a realistic time frame in which people are given the opportunity to respectfully review their existing ways of thinking and arrive at new insights. Because it starts with insight.

Research in collaboration with Radboud University

In collaboration with Radboud University, using our platform, we conduct research to broaden perspectives about each other and encourage positive contact with members of different groups.

Multiplicity Program

This research is part of the development of an evidence-based program on diversity and inclusion, the Multiplicity Program.
The main pillars of this program are:
- It is a return-on-investment program;

- It produces measurable results;

- It evokes little to no resistance from participants;

- It is scientifically based;

- It is a certification program with an annual audit.

Over the past two years, we have conducted research that has led to defining the above essential elements that can increase the success rate of a Diversity & Inclusion program.
External research, conducted by reputable knowledge institutes, has clearly demonstrated a link between a more diverse organization and improved operational efficiency, increased innovation and higher financial returns. Yet we see that many organizations currently choose to make Diversity & Inclusion a social issue, in which people must above all be given a "chance.

This insight made us realize that we had to arrive at a method that should lead to a measurable business result for organizations. Moreover, this method must be affordable and accessible to everyone. We call this approach Multiplicity because it is an approach in which everyone is involved and with which together you create a workplace where everyone feels at home and can perform optimally. We do not see perpetrators and victims, but recognize a lack of mutual understanding that can lead to exclusionary mechanisms or the feeling of exclusion.

Inspiration sessions

During our inspiration sessions, we offer insights that are essential to effectively address these issues in a playful and accessible way. 'Multiplicity' at Lenard & Lenard stands for D&I that is free of blame and victimization, with a focus on the business, organizational and personal benefits.

The sessions are designed to interactively and humorously take the first steps toward a more inclusive work environment.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about what we have already discovered and how this led to our method? And what this could possibly mean for your organization?
Are you interested in participating in the current research with Radboud University?
Or are you interested in our inspiration sessions?

Contact us for more information

Our current programs

We work on carefully selected and complex social issues that have a demonstrable positive impact on the well-being of all stakeholders involved. Our goal is to make learning and development enjoyable and engaging, and to provide insight into the business return on what is learned.

Cyber security

Research shows that employees are often the weak link when it comes to cyber security. Being cyber-aware and skilled is crucial anno 2023. In collaboration with international cyber experts, the Cyber program was developed for both the small business owner and the multinational. The ultimate goal is to measurably prepare employees to recognize and effectively address cyber security risks in their own work environment. The program is available in Dutch and English.

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Resident Participation

This program was developed together with the Municipality of The Hague to increase the passion for participation among municipal employees. The program guides the participant through the steps of the resident participation protocol and takes the participant from analysis to plan to implementation.
The program is fun and compact and usable for both small and large municipalities and other institutions that want their employees to participate with stakeholders.

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Sustainable employability of international employees

Over the past three years, we have investigated abuse and opportunities surrounding the deployment of international employees. We conducted this research with experience experts, industry experts and people from (local and national) government. This has resulted in a future-proof solution that serves the welfare and interests of all parties.

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Diversity and inclusion: from insight to measurable results

Welcome to our program dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). In collaboration with Radboud University, we strive to broaden perspectives and promote positive interactions among diverse groups. Our research forms the basis for developing our D&I program that leads to measurable business outcomes, while our inspiration sessions provide insights and encourage personal leadership. Discover how we are building an inclusive future together.

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Discover our unique inspiration sessions

Discover our inspiration sessions on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), free from blame and victimization and focusing on the business and organizational benefits as well as the personal added value. Aimed at management teams, leadership teams and/or the entire organization, these sessions are a first step towards an inclusive work environment.

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