Maximizing human potential - 'Becoming who you are'

Maximizing human potential - 'Becoming who you are'

The vision of learning throughout your entire of the Dutch National Social Economic Council is in line with the vision of Lenard & Lenard (L&L). Whereby L&L believes that the term ' a life long learning' encompasses more than the words suggest. It is not only about keeping up to date and developing new skills so that people remain employable in the field of skills.

It should be even more about ‘becoming who you are’, as Nietzsche puts it.

By this, we mean developing yourself as a human being, so e.g., work on your self-confidence, self-awareness and empathy. And in addition, we also believe in a broad view of learning. Not only in the classical sense (in the classroom, in a training course), but also by facing challenges, making mistakes, gaining new experiences. Even more so, it should be about, in the words of Nietzsche, ‘becoming who you are’.

L&L has extensive experience in coaching companies or institutions that want to change behavior or instill development. One of the means used for this purpose is an online platform. Lenard & Lenard's platform is based on the Octalysis framework of gamification pioneer Yu-Kai Chou.  "He applies 'human-focus' design, which means that the game responds to the different motivations of people. This is in contrast to 'functional-focus design', which is based on process steps." explains Bas Haerkens, Business Architect and Partner at Lenard and Lenard. Yu-Kai Chou distinguishes eight different drivers that motivate people to take action: meaning, result, empowerment, ownership, social influence, scarcity, unpredictability, and a ninth, hidden, driver: sensation.

Lenard and Lenard sees many benefits of using the techniques used in (online) games. Bas Haerkens explains: "By using these techniques as part of an integrated approach, we create a high level of employee engagement. It is accessible, stimulates creativity and is really fun - and it's not a game", emphasizes Bas. "For an organization, it's nice that the platform is scalable and can be used for all kinds of purposes and themes such as vitality, engagement and collaboration," says Bas.

Participants are given access to specific assignments via an online platform. Completing these assignments or 'missions' leads to a certain reward. These assignments are developed on the basis of a set goal, linked to the organizational objectives. The impact is on three levels: organizational development, team development and personal development.

The platform can be used for the development of people and their skills. In the form of missions, employees are given certain assignments to acquire or apply knowledge. But the platform can also be used to stimulate specific behavior. In the form of missions, employees are challenged and rewarded with points. They can exchange these points for a cup of coffee, a coaching session or a team outing. For example, the platform is used within a municipality to stimulate employees to get residents more involved. By using the platform, citizen participation is used more often and more consciously.

Better connection with business and education

The gap between education and business can be narrowed with the L&L platform. Primary, secondary and further education are now insufficiently attuned to the business community. L&L would like to see these two worlds grow closer together and eventually blend into one another. For example, by allowing talent to gain practical experience during their studies.

Students can participate in missions of an organization via the platform. In this way they get to know the issues that are important in the business world and they come into contact with the professionals from the organization in a focused and fun way. This is interesting for both parties. The young generation brings in fresh ideas and the students learn to apply their knowledge and move in an organizational context.

In this way, more insight into the development of employees and organizations comes naturally and in a fun appealing way. And education and work grow more and more towards each other.

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